Dimitrios talks at the ICMM2021

Dr Dimitrios Alexandropoulos delivered an excellent talk titled "Magnetic materials based on rare earth porphyrin building blocks" presenting some of our latest results. The presentation was part of the Rising Star Symposium associated with ICMM2021 in Manchester 14-18. June 2021.



Porphyrin oligomers constitute a thriving area of research, particularly as model systems for light harvesting, catalysis, and molecular electronics. In the latter case, porphyrin tapes are promising candidates as they often posses exceptionally strong π-conjugation and a shallow length-dependence of the single-molecule conductance [1]. Diamagnetic porphyrin tapes, containing zinc(II), have been thoroughly investigated, however there have been few studies of the magnetic properties of tapes hosting paramagnetic metal centers.

Herein, we investigate fused porphyrin rare earth dimers, as models for longer tapes with multiple metal centers. The synthesis and characterization of two stereoisomeric binulear metal complexes: the syn isomer, in which both lanthanide metal centers are on the same face of the π-system and the anti isomer, in which the metals are on opposite faces, is reported.


[1] A. Tanaka, A. Osuka, Chem. Soc. Rev. 44, 943–969 (2015)