Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

We use Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectroscopy, EPR, to investigate couplings and spin dynamics in our materials. In collaboration with the Centre for Advanced Electron Spin Resonance in Oxford, we perform EPR experiments at X-band (9.5 GHz), Q-band (34 GHz) and W-band (94 GHz) frequencies. With our homebuilt laser setup, we perform transient EPR experiments, where we investigate the effects of light (200-3000 nm) on the spin dynamics in our samples. Furthermore, we perform broadband EPR experiments, where we sweep both magnetic field and microwave frequency. Using our Triton setup, we can perform broadband EPR at temperatures as low as 10 mK, and at any magnetic field direction.

Currently, our following projects involve the use of EPR: