Simen Presents a Poster at ICMM2021

Simen Sopp presented a poster titled "Exceptionally Clean Single-Electron Transistors from Solutions of Pleio-Soluble Molecular Graphene Nanoribbons" at the ICMM2021 in Manchester 14-18 2021.



Only single-electron-transistors with a certain level of cleanliness, where all states can be properly accessed, can be used for quantum experiments. Carbon-nanotubes have revealed their vibrational, spin and quantum coherence properties only after being suspended across trenches. [1,2] Such clean devices remain unachieved for graphene nanostructures: molecular graphene nanoribbons [3,4] provide the necessary structural control, but suffer from poor solubility, similar to carbon-nanotubes. Here we show how the chemical functionalization of nanoribbons enormously enhances the solubility, and suppress bundling to yield extremely sharp single-electron features, typical of ultra-clean transport devices, but achieved directly from solution and without suspension. Franck-Condon blockade is clearly visible, and very strong electron-vibron coupling is identified with transverse bending modes. These results open the path to the investigation of ultra-clean electronic devices made of atomically-precise graphene elements, thus allowing electronic access to their spin, vibrational and topological effects.

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