Fanmiao Kong

fanmiao kong

I work on both theoretical calculation and experimental characterization of molecular graphenoids materials.

My theoretical calculation employs tight binding and DFT approach. I study graphene nanoribbons, porphyrin structures, and some other nanographene molecules. I mainly investigate their electronic structure and topological phase. I also do calculation to help explain the experimental results, for instance the vibrations properties and optical properties.

In terms of experiment, I built a probe station which is able to conduct room temperature electrical measurement under very high bias voltage. I use this probe station to measure the conductance of magnetic molecule crystals. I also partly participate in the cryogenic temperature single molecule transport measurement. As another part of my project, I will use EPR to characterize molecular materials that exhibit interesting properties.



Present DPhil Candidate in Materials University of Oxford, UK
2019 Bachelor of Science in Materials Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China



12/13 Parks Road, 40.03

Tel: +44(0)7529931806

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