Tian Pei

Tian Pei

Tian's reaserch focuses on quantum transport in nanosystem at milikelvin in dilution fridge, from zero dimensional molecule to one dimensional graphene nanoribbon and carbon nanotube, as well as two dimensional graphene. He measured magnetic anisotropy of single molecular magnets, such as rare earth based porphyrin molecule, which can be used in quantum computing and quantum information storing. He also studied molecular graphene nanoribbons with precisely controlled width and well defined edge which are synthesized by a bottom-up method. He is also interested in nanofabrication to make novel nanoelectronic devices. 

Present Postdoc in Materials, University of Oxford, UK
2013 PhD, Peking University, China

12/13 Parks Road, 40.03


Tel: +44(0)1865273690

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